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We bring your invention ideas to life with the right resources and take you to thrive, not just survive in the market.

From Ideation to GoToMarket

Making Hardware is Hard. Innovation Drive makes it easy.

Our Earth runs on resources and is based on atoms rather than on bits. Thus, our real progress mainly depends on producing and selling innovative physical products, such as hardware products.

If the printing press was about “anyone can read,” the web about “anyone can write,” the hardware eco-system that changed is enough to say that today “anyone can build.” The idea – anyone can build – is the cornerstone of the new “hardware startup.”

Hardware is designed for the Internet of Things, that is, IoT devices connected to the internet, 3D printers, drones, and robots that are in today’s headlines, which actually has quite a lot to do with software. But they can also be any physical products, such as a sustainable pencil that is purely hardware with no software element.

Hardware is...different, different than software. Challenges are everywhere in designing, manufacturing, getting funding, hiring, innovating, and delivering to the customers.

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The Innovation Drive Pre-seed Accelerator Program

“We are here to help everyday inventors of physical products turn their ideas into products and go to market so they can change the world one hardware at a time."

The Innovation Drive Pre-seed Accelerator Program includes tailored learning experiences for early-stage inventors/founders with ideas of physical products in a wide variety of industries and based on a deep understanding of the business world. With a wealth of experience and an impressive list of mentors and directors, Innovation Drive provides an unmatched experience for those with untapped potential.

Every Sunday. 3-6 hours

This part-time, 14-week program, is designed for promising early-stage Hardware Founders/Inventors who are driven, who have identified a market need, and whose invention is meaningful. You will benefit from having access to specialised industry mentors. Matching the right concepts with the right resources enables you to develop polished MVPs and test your early-stage customers in relevant industries.

The program provides the ideal platform to make the transition from an initial-phase project to a full-scale business opportunity. It achieves this by addressing all critical stages needed to launch a new product and business in Today’s market, from business ideation to marketing optimisation.

It’s your Today’s business program to understand what products Today’s consumers are looking for.


40+ mentors

Innovation Drive comprises a community of exceptional mentors: idea assessors, industrial designers, product designers, engineers, manufacturers, and branding strategists. Together, they work closely with you to produce high standard products ready for market, with consistently affordable rates. All these enable new markets to exist.

Inventors come from all walks of life. Some are trained scientists or engineers, but most are everyday people. They could be truck drivers, plumbers, nurses, teachers, designers, students, and homemakers. They are people who look at a situation and come up with a solution that they think works better.

We are here to help people like you. 

Value-adding Partners

As a startup, every support makes it easier for you to grow and drive business performance. Innovation Drive has partnered with companies that help you get a head start, so you can hit the ground running.

Funding, design, email marketing, web intelligence. You name it. They are all here. And the list of partners keeps growing!


How We Work with FIT

This 14-week part-time program will show you how to segment your market, design and build your product, find and attract the right customers, attract the right partners, utilise support tools to streamline your operations and methods on how to scale to your business.

You will learn who your customer is, what you can do for your customer, how your customer acquires your product, how you can make money off your product, how you design & build your product and how do you scale your business.



Innovation Drive Shenzhen is a live, 14-week program with over 40 specialist mentors, weekly challenges and life-long support.



All the aspects from ideation, prototyping, development, protection, certification, funding, marketing and sales are covered.



From Idea to Reality in top gear. The most comprehensive acceleration program for talented everyday inventors worldwide.

Here’s are your Ass Kickers

Nobody said this is going to be easy. You will need to work Hard to bring Hardware to Market. Nevertheless, there’s a shortcut you could take—a dedicated team supporting you from A to Z and beyond! One step to go; it’s your call!

  • You should have a hardware component or aspect, but we love seeing innovative software behind the hardware as well.
  • You MUST have an idea of your product, and you should have a narrative of the invention showing and telling how it works (this could be a video, pictures or a 3D animation, flow charts, etc.).
  • We’re looking for great teams, while experience is important. First-time founders are also welcome as long as you can show your “unfair advantage” in your sector.
  • Priority will be given to the most "innovative", "disruptive", "unique", and "scalable" startups.
  • You have a passion for making great things.
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